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Commercial air compressors are widely used in facilities across the United States and can easily become an expensive piece of equipment to operate. Approximately 19% of the total power used in a compressed air system, is converted into clean, compressed air flow. The other 81% is lost as heat. Because of this, compressed air is more expensive than other utilities like electricity, natural gas, and water. Now, couple that with compressed air leaks and your energy efficiency could be on the decline.

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FLEX PdM certified ultrasonic technicians use UE Ultraprobe 10,000 to scan your facility for costly air leaks.   Tech’s scan your facility and tag your air leaks with neon green tags which include time, date, tech, and dB of leak.  Each leak is built into a data base and given a cost value based on current KW prices in your local area.   You will receive a report within two days with all the air leaks found and the amount of money each leak is costing you per year.   Reduce wear and tear, runtime, and KW usage on your air compressors.  It’s amazing the amount of leaks we find. 

Ultrasonic Steam Trap Inspections

Steam trap inspection and database build of facility steam traps.   Certified Ultrasonic/Thermography technicians will inspect and catalog your steam traps.  Customers receive detailed reports of steam traps and cost of wasted steam within two days of inspection.   

Compressed Gas 

Using Ultraprobe 10,000, our Certified Tech's find and tag each leak in your compressed gas storage. You will receive a detailed report that outlines the leaks in your systems and the cost of each leak based on the price of gas being surveyed. The gasses leak into your facility and are a safety risk that can be mitigated. Don't waste your money, know the condition of your storage system.

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Electrical Inspection

FLEX PdM Certified Ultrasonic technicians are qualified electrical workers (QEW) we inspect high voltage breakers, switchyards, transformers 13.8kv, 4160v, 600v, 480v and smaller 120v breakers. 

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