FLEX PdM  provides condition based monitoring solutions for your predictive maintenance program needs. We have the highest quality professional staff trained on multiple platforms with decades of experience. We also offer onsite training, program audits and balance/alignment services. 


   Empower your company with reliability utilizing one of our many Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) and M2M (machine to machine) vibration analysis solutions. At Flex PdM our tools were built with the connected world in mind. Either Wi-Fi or cellular data enables our platform to communicate with a powerful cloud server that utilizes smart algorithms to inform, educate and offer the necessary tools to run a facility to maximum efficiency.

FLEX PdM can be with your maintenance tech or analyst at anytime, anywhere when it is most critical to you. Our technicians provide on-site analysis, 24/7 monitoring, virtual analysis and custom report generation, saving our customers valuable assets and eliminating costly downtime and repairs.

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